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The U.S.-Japan Roundtable


The Howard Baker Forum established the United States-Japan Roundtable to enhance cooperation between the two countries and improve public understanding of nuclear energy. The Roundtable facilitates relationships between its Americans and Japanese members through conferences, meetings and workshops held throughout the year. Members deepen their understanding of American and Japanese policy and business environments through first-person interactions with politicians, senior government officials, scientists, policy analysts and business executives.

Roundtable Elements

One of the Roundtable’s most powerful tools is its website, www.forumonenergy.com, which provides balanced information on nuclear technology and policy in both English and Japanese. The Roundtable’s activities improve business outcomes and support the expansion of safe and secure nuclear energy not only in the U.S. and Japan, but in emerging nuclear markets worldwide.

The Roundtable achieves this objective through three essential program elements:

  • Member meetings plan future sessions and communication strategies that advance the Japanese-American brand in nuclear energy.
  • Roundtables focus on current developments affecting nuclear energy and strengthening the U.S.-Japan partnership.
  • The Forum on Energy is a dynamic online information center designed to collect and share developments in the field of nuclear energy. The Forum’s content reflects a range of compelling voices that recognize the vital role of nuclear energy as countries around the globe seek sustainable, renewable forms of energy. We invite you to visit www.forumonenergy.com.
For more information about the U.S.- Japan Roundtable, please contact Alison Bleier, Assistant Director of the U.S.- Japan Roundtable at aashburn@bakerdonelson.com