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The Howard Baker Forum was established in Washington, D.C. to provide a platform for examining specific, immediate, critical issues affecting the nation's progress at home and its relations abroad. Under Senator Baker's leadership, the Forum organizes a variety of programs and research projects to examine and illuminate public policy challenges facing the nation today.

Tribute to Senator Howard H. Baker Jr.

“Senator Baker was renowned and honored for his extraordinary ability to cross party lines for the greater good of our country. He was a remarkable conciliator who was respected in Washington like no other and he helped navigate our country through some of our greatest challenges in the past century,” said Scott Campbell, president of the Howard Baker Forum.

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The Cuba Consortium

The Cuba Consortium is an assembly of companies, non-profit organizations, investors, academics, and entrepreneurs organized to track and examine the normalization process in both countries and to inform and prepare its members for opportunities to engage Cuba. They are complemented by foreign policy, political, economic, international development, legal, and cultural experts who have specialized knowledge of the diplomacy, politics, and economics of the normalization process.
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The U.S.-Japan Roundtable

The Howard Baker Forum established the United States-Japan Roundtable to enhance cooperation between the two countries and improve public understanding of nuclear energy. The Roundtable facilitates relationships between its Americans and Japanese members through conferences, meetings and workshops held throughout the year.

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The Forum on Energy

The Forum on Energy is a dynamic online information center designed to collect and disseminate developments in the field of nuclear energy. The Forum’s content reflects a range of compelling voices that recognize the vital role of nuclear energy as countries around the globe seek sustainable, renewable forms of energy.

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